About Us

IntervalOrders.com is a digital hospitality and ordering service designed from the ground up by theatre professionals, specifically for arts and entertainment venues.

We originally developed the system to satisfy the demands of customers for an easier, more enjoyable experience in going to the theatre and avoiding the dreadful queues at most bars.  At the time we were running the hospitality services for a large theatre group and identified the opportunity to both improve the experience and to deliver more of what customers actually wanted.  

We were selling fresh food from the theatre bars and ended up throwing away our profits from unsold products. To solve the problem, we came up with the idea to allow customers to pre-order food to enjoy at the theatre interval.  We realised that when customers believe they have more time to enjoy their drinks, they will often spend more. Given the time to make considered purchases online, our sales of premium products rose by over 30%.

Many theatres have explored in-seat order delivery to add an additional revenue stream from customers who never actually left their seats at the interval. However, they often struggle with the logistics and order management systems which are not designed for the theatre context.

IntervalOrders.com offers an integrated sales and order management system, specifically designed for theatre combining web/mobile based ordering, contactless payments and a full delivery process, whilst also generating great customer loyalty data that can be used for future marketing.

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